Industrial Chemicals

Industrial Chemicals

EUCU CHEMTRADE was formed in 2014 as an addition to EUCU TRADING to supply an extensive range of Chemical & Solvent & Excipient materials so as to be able to offer our growing list of customers a wide range of solutions.

QUALITY POLICY—EUCU CHEMTRADE is committed to ensuring it’s customers receive quality products.It is our policy to consistently supply products which comply with the specifications laid down by our customers and to seek continuous improvement of processes,procedures and quality management systems to meet this goal.

To order any of the Industrial Chemicals listed below please phone 047 88888 or email: 


Acetic AcidEDTALimbux LimeSodium Bicarbonate
AcetoneEthanolMagnesium HydroxideSodium Carbonate
AlcoholEthyl AcetateMagnesium SulphateSodium Chlorite
Aluminium SulphateEthyl GlycolMethanolSodium Hypochlorite
Ammonia LiquorFerric ChlorideMethyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK)Sodium Metabisulphite
Ammonium ChlorideFerric SulphateMethyl Iso-Butyl KetoneSodium Metasilicate
Ammonium SulphateFerrous SulphateMilling SaltSodium Nitrate
AntifreezeFormic AcidMineralised Methylated SpiritsSodium Sulphate
Battery AcidGlycerineMono Ethylene GlycolSodium Sulphite
Borax DecahydrateGlycolsNitric AcidSodium Tripolyphosphate
Borax PentahydrateHeptanen-PropanolSulphuric Acid
Boric AcidHexanePhosphoric AcidTetra Potassium Pyrophosphate
Brewers GypsumHydrated LimePotassium CarbonateTetra Sodium Pyrophosphate
Butyl GlycolHydrochloric AcidPotassium ChlorideToluene
Calcium AcetateHydrogen PeroxidePotassium HydroxideTrichloroethylene
Caustic BrineHydroflouric AcidPropionic AcidWhite Spirit
Caustic SodaIndustrial Methylated Spirits (all
Pure Dried Vacuum SaltXylene
Citric AcidIso HexaneSoda Ash LightZinc Chloride
CyclohexaneIso Propyl AlcoholSodium AcetateZinc Sulphate HEPTA
Di Potassium PhosphateKeroseneSodium Benzoate

AKZO NOBEL Food- and watersoftening salts
Salts for the food industry include:
• Micro Fine
• Microzo
• Low Sodium
Available in 25kg or 1000kg bags

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