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Who we are

Giving you quality products at the best prices.

The business is owned by the Mc Quaid family and the day to day running of the business is now carried out by Vincent McQuaid, with Christopher Treanor in sales management.

The business has evolved over the last few years and the next few years promises to see even further expanson and exciting times ahead as the business develops even further. We are very grateful to all our customers, old and new, and we look forward to working with you all, our suppliers included to bringing the business to the next level.

We guarantee to work to the best of our ability to bring the best service, best products, competitive pricing and a long lasting business relationship for the future years ahead.

Our History

An Irish Owned Company

Eucu Trading is situated in the picturesque north Monaghan village of Glaslough.

The business was formed by the late Sean Mc Quaid R.I.P. and Vincent Mc Quaid in 1999.

Sean McQuaid
Sean McQuaid R.I.P.

Eucu Trading was formed primarily to supply the various self indigenous industries in the county at that time -e.g. – the furniture industry – poultry industry and mushroom industry, supplying products like woodscrews, fastenings, power tools, adhesive products and janitorial products , workwear and first-aid products.

Over the intervening years  Eucu Trading has survived the economic downturn and evolved and expanded it’s product range to include catering disposable products, packaging, personal protection, chemical and pharmaceutical products.

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Business Opens

Feb.6th 1999 Eucu Trading begins at their current address.



Eucu Trading adds chemical and pharmaceutical products to its already vast range of products which specialises in the supply of chemical and solvent materials into the pharma, food sector.


Dec 3rd marked the sad passing of Sean Mc Quaid R.I.P. after a long illness. He contributed enormously in the formation and development of the business and his business experience over a long number of years played a pivotal role in the business surviving the early years and then growing in later years, his diligent hard work ethic will always be remembered.     



After just celebrating 21 years in business – the world was catapulted into panic with the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Eucu Trading after 21 years experience in the market was well placed to have adequate stocks of PPE to supply a wide range of Covid 19 related products to our customers.


Expansion of the Business

Eucu Trading carried out a major expansion of the business so as to be able to stock higher levels of products to try and shelter our customers from weekly price hikes and to be able to ensure a continuity of supply during the energy crisis caused by the invasion of the Ukraine.


We will continue to strive towards expanding our product range to meet all our valued customers needs.


We are celebrating 25 years in business.

Vincent McQuaid
Vincent McQuaid
Message from Owner

Eucu Trading

Eucu Trading started from a very small base back in 1999 and over the years has built up slowly and steadily with a work ethic and a commitment to our customer base.

We are very proud of the fact that a lot of our customers that gave us a chance back in 1999 are still loyal customers today.

We are committed to forming a lasting partnership with our customers and we have a committed team in place to continue supplying our customers with products to cover their needs over the coming years.    

Vincent McQuaid


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